Private Sector

Two exciting projects have recently entered the pipeline for prospective future development on Curaçaoan soil. These are Bon Hydroponics, a hydroponics project initiative, and Xploration Coastline, a sustainable desalination solution from Oceans X, an Amsterdam-based social enterprise organization.

Bon Hydroponics
Bon Hydroponics is a new hydroponics project on the island initiated by Mariëlle Leo and Edward van Wonderen. Its aim is to stimulate more sustainable local growing on the island, making Curaçao more self-sufficient, less dependent on imports, and more resilient to unforeseen crises à la COVID-19.

They will do this through the organic growing of leafy vegetables and herbs in deep water hydroponics, all within the confines of a 5,000-square-meter greenhouse complex (53820 square feet). The complex has a capacity of 525.000 to 750.000 crops per year, which will be produced using an energy-efficient, water-saving growing system that does not require the use of pesticides and has already demonstrated its efficiency in tropical climates. 

This will provide more universally affordable and organic vegetables of supreme quality to grocery aisles, and the initiators intend to make the project provide ten percent of the current import of leaf lettuce on the island. This could be a valuable addition to the innovative developments in agriculture already taking place on the island.

Bon Hydroponics is currently seeking investors to help them launch this venture. You can find more information on how you can help here.

Xploration Coastline
The concept of Oceans X’s Xploration Coastline Curaçao centers around a network of floating maritime desalination plants, each of which produces 1000 cubic meters (35315 cubic feet) of water every day. All of this is powered by 100% green energy, revolutionary water purification practices, and zero-emission technologies, leaving no ecological footprints.

Last week, members of Oceans X traveled to Curaçao and met with a number of government and business representatives to discuss the potential local value of this idea, which could improve the island’s food security, state resilience, and quality of life in addition to serving as a crucial tool for effective, efficient, and long-lasting humanitarian relief operations.

Should it crystalize, this project could be launched on a pay-per-day basis. Payments for Xploration Coastline projects are based on usage and do not require long-term investments or commitments. Oceans X ultimately strives to help all countries tap into the planet’s collective potential around water and the renewable energy required to produce it. And Curaçao could potentially be a part of that mission.

Exciting possibilities for the island!