What is Diaspora for Business Summit 2020

This is a virtual event where local officials, local innovators, local talent, etc. are going to engage in strategic conversations with all the “Yu di Kòrsou” (YDK) and people who in one way or another are connected to Curaçao but are currently living abroad, our diaspora, in order to tap into different perspectives and ideas and stimulate knowledge exchange.

Reasons for this Summit

Our diaspora can be found throughout the world. They say, everywhere there are people you will find a “Yu di Kòrsou”; and many of them working at the top of their field and or in the management of companies all over the world. Now more than ever, Curaçao needs its YDK’s to help us work towards a better and more resilient Curaçao, especially in the post-COVID era. It is of the utmost importance to reconnect our diaspora with their home turf, our Dushi Kòrsou.

What is the goal of this Summit?

The first thing we want to achieve is reconnect YDK’s with our Dushi Kòrsou, but furthermore we want to stimulate an exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas. We want to create a repository of all our diaspora ideas that can help us reach that new frontier, a better and more resilient Curaçao. In addition to the latter, we want to entice our diaspora to visit, to invest, to participate, to remain engaged and maybe even to move back home.

What will be the focus of this Summit?

The main focus of this summit will be on the National Export Strategy (NES) and NES Priority sectors like tourism, IT services, port and maritime services, financial services, education services and creative industries. In addition to these sectors we will also focus on some other sectors of relevance for Curaçao like the health sector (CMC becoming a regional healthcare hub), logistics, sports, (renewable) energy and circular economy.

Diaspora for Business Summit 2020 challenge 

We want to encourage our diaspora to participate in the Diaspora Repository of Ideas Pitch Challenge. The goal is to attract our diasporas to pitch a groundbreaking idea that we can implement in our Dushi Kòrsou. 

More info to follow.