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Invest in Curaçao? This website is your one-stop information shop for all you need to invest in our piece of paradise.

Welcome to our ‘Investors’ kitchen’.

Here, we serve you with an enticing selection of the most reliable and comprehensive resources to help you satisfy your invest-in-Curaçao palate.

We understand that when you are looking to invest in Curaçao, you want to go beyond the statistics, incentives, and the rules and regulations. You want to know what’s being cooked in our local business sector, so you can confidently do what you do best: seize an interesting opportunity and expand your business horizon.
That is why we are committed to continuously do the groundwork for you, to search and find you the best local ingredients that have the potential to move your seat of business to Curaçao. We dish it all up on this website, fresh and organic. (pun intended)

When we say We, we are referring to a Curaçao Government platform of organizations that work together to align information and services in order to fit the investor’s needs. The Ministry of Economic Development (popularly referred to as MEO, for its Dutch acronym) is the main driving force behind this platform. You can trust that all information served here, has been carefully selected to fit your needs, and that it is reliable.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know if there’s anything you can’t find on these pages. We aim to improve on our service to you.

Bon Appetite!